Concrete Repair in Concord NC

Joe McManus Asphalt Services is your full service concrete contractor when you have concrete in need of repair. The same level of care and expertise that we devote to each asphalt project goes into each concrete repair job.

If you have a concrete driveway or sidewalks that have cracks, sunken sections, or other problems, we can help. Instead of replacing your driveway or sidewalk, it can be repaired for a fraction of the cost.

Maintain your home and improve its curb appeal with professionally repaired concrete by Joe McManus Asphalt Services. Your driveway or sidewalk will look brand new!

Don’t settle for concrete work that will leave you disappointed. Contact a concrete contractor that you can trust: Joe McManus Asphalt Services.

We have been serving the Charlotte and Concord, NC area for years and are known for our high quality and friendly customer service.

Concrete Repair Services Include:

Driveway Repair

Curb and Gutter Repair

Crack Repair

Overall Surface Skimming

Leveling and Void Filling

Complete Replacement and Resurfacing

Concrete Surface Sealing

The experts at Joe McManus Asphalt Service will evaluate your concrete surfaces to find the source of cracks and sinking. These root problems will be addressed in coordination with your concrete repairs to ensure long life for your concrete. Filling voids that have formed beneath your concrete and relieving the pressure that has led to cracks will ensure that you do not experience reoccurring issues.

Surface sealing of your final product can increase the life of your concrete and help with water control.

If concrete surfaces around your home are unsightly or have become unsafe, call us today at (704) 490-6069. We are happy to provide a free consultation and repair estimate.