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If you require assistance with an asphalt sealcoating and paving in Concord, the experts here at Joe McManus Asphalt Services are happy to help you. Sealcoating is one among our many specialities.

We understand that maintenance and repairs of the parking lots and driveways is important to improve the curb appeal of your property. Thus, we complete every project with full dedication and perfection.

At Joe McManus Asphalt Services, you can expect more than just asphalt paving. We offer a range of complementary services, such as sealcoating, excavation, pothole repair, backfilling, grading, roadway repair and more.


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Our asphalt sealcoating services are ideal for a range of different locations, including:

  • Driveways
  • Asphalt walkways
  • Parking lots and
  • Roadways

Sealcoating is one of the most effective methods for ensuring the longevity of your asphalt. Once applied, the sealcoat serves as a protective barrier, preventing moisture from penetrating the asphalt and causing the cracking and deterioration which can ultimately lead to a crumbling asphalt surface and pot holes. The sealcoat also improves the overall resilience and durability of the asphalt, in addition to creating a clean, fresh, uniform surface that improves the aesthetics of the roadway, driveway, parking lot or walkway.


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Exceptional Finished Result

The lifespan of asphalt sealcoating can vary dramatically according to the environment, traffic volume and other factors. Joe McManus Asphalt Services is happy to provide you with recommendations concerning how frequently the sealcoating should be reapplied. Some areas do well with an annual application; other areas require more frequent applications due to heavy traffic volume.

Joe McManus Asphalt Services can also assist with other elements of your project, such as patching potholes and re-paving areas that require a new layer of asphalt.

Regarded as the best asphalt sealcoating contractors in Charlotte, NC and Concord, NC, Joe McManus Asphalt Services uses only the finest sealcoating products.

This, combined with our state of the art equipment and refined techniques, results an an exceptional finished result, whether we’re paving, sealing, excavating or grading.

100 % Client Satisfaction

At Joe McManus Asphalt Services, we take great pride in our work and client satisfaction is among our top priorities.

When you work with the expert team here at Joe McManus Asphalt Services, you can rest easy knowing that our business is fully bonded, licensed and insured. This provides our clients with total peace of mind, knowing that they’re working with a reputable and professional contractor.

If you need help with an asphalt sealcoating services in Charlotte turn to professionals at Joe McManus Asphalt Services. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your sealcoating project.

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